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to have a flat tire! 
“Where FLAT is not an option”

Much of Gensco’s early business began helping farmers and ranchers in Texas combat mesquite and huisache thorns. Our ‘no flats’ aircraft to AG tires were developed first for tractor fronts and wagons. There is not a better tire for flat resistance and weight carrying capacity.


2014 Pricelist

“ We have NASTY locust thorns. I used to have flats on my tractors on average of 2-3 a week. Since I put on your tires, I have had ZERO flats in over three years”

~ G.M. Tecumseh, NE


The main features of our tires remain central to farmer’s needs:

* Flat - prevention (Heavy ply)

* Longevity

* Load bearing capacity

* Outlast conventional tires 3:1

Pound for pound, new flyable aircraft ires are the most highly engineered, well constructed, and expensive tires in the world.


“ After I put a front end loader on my tractor, I couldn’t keep front tires on it. The sidewalls would not take the extra weight. I have now used aircraft tires for two years with no problems and no flats. A very good idea!”

~ M.J. Lynnville, TN

As a function of its purpose, an aircraft tire must withstand a wide range of operational conditions. It must support the weight of the equipment and provide a stable, cushioned ride while resisting heat generation, abrasion, and wear ant extremely high speeds. Because of these qualities, an aircraft tire offers farmers the best value for the dollar with virtually flat-free service.

The TREAD refers to the area of the tire in contact with the ground. This thick rubber contains heat-welded nylon cords and shredded wire. This compound is formulated to resist wear, abrasion, cutting, cracking and heat buildup.

The SIDEWALL is a rubber cover over the side of the carcass plies. Its purpose is to protect the cord plies. Along with an extra sturdy sidewalls, this heavy tread protects the cord body from moisture, bruises, snags and cuts.

The CARCASS PLY consists of fabric cords between two large layers of rubber. The most common fabric is nylon. Super strength of the aircraft tire is achieved by plies of nylon cord imbedded in rubber with each layer directionally angled to assure balance.

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Construction of an aircraft tire
Important Safety Note

Ground use aircraft tires are for non-highway use only.

Do not exceed 25mph/40kh.

Do not inflate more than 45psi.

These tires are heavily plied; they are not designed for high speed for any duration. Please note that all serial numbers and TSO certification have been removed. Any and all warranties and liabilities by the original manufactures/retreaders, Goodyear ad others, are completely null and void.

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